The Research Team

Prof Rosie Parnell

Rosie Parnell is Professor of Architecture and Pedagogy in the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at Newcastle University, UK.  Her research, teaching and practice combine interests in children’s spaces, design process, participation, play and architecture education. She has delivered projects and lectures internationally on these topics and supported major organisations and small NGOs with associated research, training and development - most recently as a member of the American Institute of Architect’s Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) Research Task Force. Rosie began working with children and young people as the education manager at an environmental regeneration charity in the UK, bringing this experience back to academia to pursue a range of outreach and collaborative, cross-disciplinary research activities with schools and youth groups. In this project Rosie brings together her earlier work on domestic architecture with her interests in  adult-child relations and imaginative reappropriation of space.